Your Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is the only answer when you need more help, but hiring additional employees is not an option. When you are finding that you don’t have enough time to do what you need, a Virtual Assistant is the key. Call on me when you need assistance with keeping up with your office projects. Whether you need just a simple word processing job or more complex database projects, I will provide expert assistance and get the job done quickly, at an affordable price. I strive to make your business my concern. Your success is my success. My experienced, professional services go beyond the necessary so that you don’t need to worry and you can concentrate on your business goals.


What Is A Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (also know for short as a VA), is an independent contractor who provides administrative, technical, and personal assistance to clients. Clients tend to be entrepreneurs and other small business owners such as coaches, realtors, alternative healthcare practitioners, and more.

Virtual Assistants work from their own offices. Communication occurs via the phone, email, and fax machine. Think of a Virtual Assistant as your personal administrative assistant…they only work virtually.

A Virtual Assistant is more cost effective than an administrative assistant as you do not have to pay for their taxes, insurance, vacation or sick time, or other other benefits. A Virtual Assistant is a contractor NOT an employee.

A Virtual Assistant is similar to a business partner. They provide you with feedback, ideas, and help you implement them into your business (possibly in ways you didn’t even think of). At the same time they maintain the boundary of an assistant and check in with you about the projects you assign.

Remember, Virtual Assistants are also small business owners and know what is involved in running a successful small business. If you know someone who has a Virtual Assistant, they’ll often tell you that they couldn’t do it without them.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

Some Virtual Assistants specialize in specific tasks (i.e. bookkeeping or scheduling) while others do many different tasks. I consider myself to be very comprehensive in my services; however, I am also unique because I help business build and maintain websites. I specialize in helping businesses build a strong foundation for a successful business.

Many small and home-based business owners are finding that their businesses are growing. In order to handle all their daily responsibilities of running their business they must give up more and more of their personal time. For many of them, defeating the very reason they are in business for themselves. Virtual Assistants work for the busy business owner, taking care of all details such as letter writing, internet research, data entry, bookkeeping, desktop publishing, and more.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a way to hire someone to get the work done without being burdened with paying payroll taxes, or benefits. You also do not have to provide office space or equipment, since the Virtual Assistant works from their own office.

If you hire an employee (or even a temp!), you will be paying an hourly rate, breaks, taxes, benefits, vacations, holidays, and providing office space and equipment. You also pay them whether they have work to do or not. When you hire a Virtual Assistant they are only paid for time spent working!